Lucrative Fashion Jobs Abound

The latest fashion industry news has announced a great number of varied fashion positions that eager enthusiasts must fill up. Numerous jobs abound in the fashion world. One can be a model or designer – every skilled individual is needed to take up an exciting job. Still, the industry is not just about designing or modeling – it is so broad that there are immense fashion career opportunities available to those who want them.

Best Fashion Jobs Available (Aside from Modeling and Clothes Designing):

Even if an individual has no skill or talent to start his own clothing line, there are actually tons of other opportunities that will allow him to become a part of the fashion industry. There are jobs – and not just as a model or designer – that anyone else can enjoy doing within the industry.

Fashion Merchandiser

A competent merchandiser spots anything that can be turned into the latest fashion hit. For an individual to do well as a fashion merchandiser, he must have the instinct to know if an emerging style has the potential to become a hot fashion item.

He knows wearable items that sell, and identifies ones that will forever remain as stocks in department stores. A good fashion merchandiser performs product development – from the conceptualization to the final production and marketing of the product.

Fashion Brand Manager

Anyone who is serious in selling clothes knows that he is promoting and selling a brand. The main responsibility of a brand manager is to create an image for his fashion brand. He does this by developing unique ways to present such brand to consumers. Ideally, a brand manager possesses a degree in Merchandise Product and Brand Development to do well in this career.

Accessories Designer

For the individual who believes that he has an eye for accessories, and can create ones that can make a lasting impression to people, he must consider a lucrative career in accessories designing. To do well in this job, accessories designer must go to the hottest accessories oases such as fairs and trade exhibits. From these events, he can gather helpful inspirations to create unique designers for his own line of accessories.

Fashion Buyer

Fashion buyers are responsible for maximizing the sales and profits of a fashion boutique. They are a step ahead when it comes to fashion trends. This allows them to be ready to provide clients with the clothes that will satisfy their fashion preference. Apart from the selection of merchandise for the store, a fashion buyer is involved with its promotion and sale.

Definitely, the fashion industry is one of the most vibrant industries today. This is why there has been a great supply for jobs of all types, each of which zeroes in on a particular area in fashion. Most fashion industry news point to the fact that such availability of fashion jobs will remain on the rise for a couple more years.

The Popularity of Fashion Blogs

The Internet is chock full of them – fashion blogs of different shapes and forms, expounding on the merits of skinny jeans versus boyfriend jeans. Or why pink is the new black and all that jazz. Going online these days means getting your fill (whether you like it or not) of the latest fashion trends by way of fashion blogs.

Perhaps some people would argue that fashion is not that important and it’s something they can do without. However, if you think about it, fashion has always been part of our lives – it has always greatly influenced society and culture, mainly because it is made possible by factors like the weather, the environment and more significantly, by an individual’s personal experiences, beliefs and values.

Fashion even helped define certain eras in history which involved class discrimination, the thin line between royalty and non-royalty and even social dressing restrictions. In the old days in Western Europe, government regulations prevented the bourgeoisie from dressing up in fine clothes so they wouldn’t look like royalty. In China, the dragon was considered a symbol of the emperor and thus, should not be worn by non-royals. During World War II, the length of American women’s skirts was restricted due to fabric rations. It just goes to show, fashion has always been a major influence in our life and that we’ve always lived with it – we just didn’t know it.

Today’s fashion-conscious people or fashionistas, as they are fondly referred to, live with fashion in different ways. They use fashion blogs as a means to check out new trends not to be perceived as cool or in, but to know what people on the streets are wearing. Fashion bloggers themselves have a firm grip on the latest styles and shy away from those that lean towards the “outrageously expensive” and suggest instead, what is cheap but chic.

Another reason fashion bloggers are popular is because they themselves were once fashion outs – outsiders who, due to their persistence and perseverance in gaining an upper hand over the so-called “snobs” in the fashion industry, have become lauded insiders. They send the fashion world spinning with their honest takes on this season’s collections via honest and real takes on the current trends and how the ordinary folk may be able to carry them off.

They also possess a myriad of talents from which they derive even more influence for their blogs. Some of them host fashion events or dress the windows of the world’s most famous and finest fashion storefronts. Still, others shoot look books and even walk the catwalk themselves. Such is the success of fashion blogging that even other major industries like advertising, want a piece of the action. Because fashion bloggers are faithfully followed by women everywhere, they have become potent personalities whose words are read and taken to heart like one would the Bible. And advertisers and retailers are eager to get their products moved in big ways.

Yes, fashion blogs are here to stay. In fact, it can be safely said that they are slowly but surely replacing magazine editors as the leaders of style and fashion. Fashion blogging is one industry where the huge payoffs outweigh all the risks – fashion bloggers may very well be the fashion world’s answer to high corporate earners in the world of business who make business suits look good.

Fashion Production Across the Globe

The term “fashion” generally refers to a popular practice or style in the areas of clothing, makeup, accessories, footwear and so on. However, when considered in a strict sense, fashion mainly refers to the trend in dresses or the kind of attires and apparels people put on. The issues of style and design have a lot to play when looking at fashion across the globe. Fashion production has continued to be a moving trend all over the world. Several kinds of fashion attires are all over the place. Fashion trends keep coming onboard on yearly basis. The fashion enterprise is indeed an interesting aspect of business that is generating waves across the world.

Fashion productions are thriving all over the world. Different kinds of fashion products have continued to be produced by many companies across the globe. The fashion industry is always a beehive of activities in almost every nation of the world.

Actually, the fashion industry is a modern age product. This is a fact since most clothing materials were custom made prior to the mid 19th century. Before the advent of the fashion industry, people only made use of handmade and homemade clothing materials. Such materials were made by local tailors and other dressmakers in those days.

However, the dawn of 20th century marked the beginning of new inventions in the fashion industry. Diverse kinds of modern technological tools were introduced. Different kinds of sewing machines, threads and other tools came onboard. There’s also the development of the factory system of production which gave rise to the establishment of many fashion industries across the globe. Big fashion companies started making waves in various countries. This gave rise to the production of quality fashion attires, apparels and other clothing materials.

Today, mass production of fashion wears is the order of the day. There’s the proliferation of fashion industries, companies, wholesale outlets, retail outlets and so on. Different kinds of fashion wears are now produced in diverse patterns. Diverse kinds of approaches are also being used in the production process.

The bulk of fashion production activities as it pertain to the fashion industry actually started in the European and American continents. However, it has now assumed an international status. Fashion is now a highly globalized industry which is found in every continent of the world. Some fashion wears and products can be designed in one country while they are eventually produced in another country. Such fashion products are also imported or exported across the globe after the production process.

Meanwhile different kinds of approaches are being used in the modern day fashion production. There’s the production of raw materials such as textiles, fibers, fur and leather. There’s also the production of different kinds of fashion products by manufacturers, contractors and fashion designers. Different kinds of styles and designs are also used in the production process.

Finally, fashion production has also attained another great height with the invention of the internet technology. Today, several fashion producers operate their business online. Lots of fashion products are now sold online. This has continued to change the face of the fashion enterprise across the globe.

AFC West 2007 Previews and Projections

Western Division:

1) San Diego: Quickly now, how many NFL head coaches can you name who were replaced following a 14-2 regular season? That is exactly what happened to Marty Schottenheimer following last years early exit from the playoffs, its actually head shaking stuff with regard to the Bolts letting ole Marty go when considering that San Diego had suffered through seven straight non winning seasons prior to Marty’s arrival including their 1-15 2000 season under former HC Mike Riley.

Not too many current head coaches in the NFL can boast of winning 35 of 48 games over the past three regular seasons like Marty and not many current HC’s have built a team like the current Bolts from the ground up, yet Marty was let go. In his stead the Chargers brought in retread Norv Turner who has a career head coaching record of 58-82-1, go figure. Turner has been handed the keys to a shiny blue Ferrari, and if he falls on his face again this time there are no excuses. Bolt fans should rejoice however, because amazingly enough the last two teams that had the NFL’s best record but were bounced from the playoffs (Pittsburgh and Indianapolis) came back to win the Super Bowl the following year.

The Bolts return virtually each and every skill position player which means that most of the starting jobs are locked down, a peek at the final stat sheet from last season reveals that the Bolts had the NFL’s 4th overall offense and 10th overall defense, the one area that must improve if San Diego wishes to make a deep run in the playoffs is the defensive secondary which ranked 13th, to accomplice this San Diego brought in top defensive coordinator Ted Cottrell to take over the defense. The Chargers were +13 in in T/O ratio last year and they will have to repeat that if they wish to equal their 14-2 regular season mark from a year ago because in addition to facing divisional rivals Denver and Kansas City twice each home and away, they will be making trips to New England, and Jacksonville and will also host Chicago, Indy, and Baltimore. Projected record: 11-5

**Look to play AGAINST the Bolts on September 16th when they travel to New England, one would think that San Diego would be the side to back because it was the Patriots that ousted them from the playoffs last year by the final of 21-24, however, let’s not forget that the Bolts opened their season at home against Chicago who was last years NFC representative to the Super Bowl, meaning that the young Bolts were sky high facing the Bears in their season opener at home and now must travel all the way to the right coast and be expected to be emotionally sound again against a Patriot team that is playing THEIR home opener, and oh by the way, I don’t think the Patriots have forgotten about the 17-41 arse kicking they received at home the last time San Diego came to town in 2005, its also nice to know that a check backwards in time reveals that New England has covered 6 of their last 8 meetings ATS versus San Diego.

2) Denver: The Broncos posted a regular season mark of 13-3 in 2005 and managed to knock off the visiting Patriots in the playoffs but in the end fell to the eventual Super Bowl winning Steelers at home 17-34. Last year Denver appeared poised to pick up where they left off in 2005 by winning 5 of their first 6 outings, however, they went on to post a record of 4-6 in their final 10 games including their season ending 23-26 home loss to the visiting 49ers which cost Denver a playoff spot to finish with an overall mark of 9-7.

This will be a transition year for the Broncos who on offense have settled on Jay Cutler as their QB who replaces the deposed Jake Plummer and former Titan RB Travis Henry replaces Tatum Bell who in turn was traded to Detroit, oddly enough this is the fourth year in a row that HC Mike Shanahan has deemed it necessary to replace his leading rusher. Denver also brought in WR Brandon Stokley (Colts) and TE Daniel Graham (Patriots) to add some fire power to the Bronco passing game along with QB Patrick Ramsey as an insurance policy to back up Cutler.

On the other side of the ball Denver brought in Jim Bates to serve as their defensive coordinator, his first order of business was to finalize the purging from the Bronco’s roster of former Brownie defensive players that never lived up to their potential, his second order of business will be to produce a pass rush which in turn will hopefully take some pressure off the Broncos defensive backfield. To speed this process up Denver drafted DE’s Jarvis Moss from the Florida Gators and Tim Crowder from the Texas Longhorns in the 1st and 2nd rounds respectively.

Denver was forced replace two key members of their defense with regard to losing middle LB Al Wilson and CB Darrent Williams, Wilson was a five time Pro Bowler but was released due to a combination of injury concerns salary cap problems, Wilson manned the middle and will be a tough cog to replace. The Bronco’s were also forced to bring in former Lion Dre’ Bly to man the corner opposite of Champ Bailey due to the untimely and tragic death of Darrent Williams who was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting in downtown Denver after leaving a New Years eve party with friends this past January.

Denver has a fairly easy schedule to navigate and should register 6 give-me wins with non division home dates against Green Bay, Tennessee, and Minnesota and road trips to Buffalo, Detroit, and Houston. As long as QB Jay Cutler does not implode or make too many critical mistakes that place a newly formed defense in jeopardy too many times, Denver should be in the playoff hunt once again. Projected record: 11-5

**Look to play ON the Bronco’s in their Christmas Eve MNF game at San Diego on 12/24/07, the Bronco’s will in all likelihood close as huge doggies in this affair for several reasons; A). Denver will be playing in their 2nd straight road game and actually will be playing on the road for the 6th time in 8 weeks, B). San Diego won both meetings last year and probably will have won the first meeting this year because Denver was probably beat up following games against Jacksonville and Indianapolis, and C). the public will see that Denver closed as +7.5 doggies in last years trip to Charger-land and lost by the embarrassing final of 20-48. I’ll take all the offered points in this game with Denver because according to the ole history book Denver has won 12 of their last 14 divisional revenge games in straight up fashion heading into this new season and posted a mark of 11-3 ATS in those games!

3) Kansas City: HC Herm Edwards was very lucky to have made the playoffs last season with a mark of 9-7 in his inaugural season, however, the Chiefs have way too many questions to answer and way too many positions to fill to even think about making a playoff appearance this year. For starters QB Trent Green is now a Dolphin which means that Edwards and his staff will have to choose a starting QB between longtime backup Damon Huard and second year Alabama product Brodie Croyle. The Chiefs would probably prefer Croyle to take the snaps from the opening gun but training camp reports suggest that he is not making the proper reads and has a case of happy feet which may lead to the much more experienced Damon Huard getting the nod.

Regardless of rather Huard or Croyle starts under center, protection will be a problem, one of the Chief strong suits for years has been their offensive line, however, Will Shields has followed Willie Roaf into retirement and Jordan Black left town via free agency, instead of finding suitable replacements for these losses via the draft or free agency, instead the Chiefs waited until the 6th round to draft an offensive lineman (Herbert Taylor) and opted to bring in no name free agents to fill the vacancies. With their first overall pick in the draft Kansas City opted for WR Dwayne Bowe out of LSU which gives the Chiefs a legitimate downfield threat, that is provided the QB has time to throw the ball to him! KC then grabbed DT’s Turk McBride and DeMarcus Tyler in the 2nd and 3rd rounds respectively as a means to sure up a glaring weakness on that side of the ball.

Defensively the Chiefs are old and very thin at every skill position and will in all likelihood not improve a stop unit that ranked 18th against both the rush and the pass, special teams will also be a problem this year as they must replace home run threat Dante Hall who was traded to St. Louis and kicker Lawrence Tynes who is now wearing Giant blue. Kansas City will have to fight hard to stay out of the AFC West basement this year it seems as they own a schedule that has them playing 3 of 4 games on the road to both start the season and also end the season. Projected record: 6-10

**Look to play AGAINST the Chiefs in their October 14th home game versus the visiting Ben Gals, Cincy will be fresh from a week of rest and will have refocused after opening their season up by playing three of their first four games against playoff bound competition. The Ben Gals opened last season with a 23-10 win at KC as 2 point road doggies but may be the slight favorite in this affair, if that is the case its nice to know that Cincy was now covered 3 of their last 4 contests against the Chiefs and have overall covered 7 or their past 8 games ATS versus the AFC West, according to the ole history book Cincy is in their best role when installed as a road favorite as evidenced by covering 7 of 8 times ATS over the past three seasons in this situation!

4) Oakland: Re-Build mode is again in full bloom in Oakland-land these days, with the hiring of new HC Lane Kiffin, da’Rayduhs are now being guided by a fourth different head coach since their January 26th 2003 appearance in the Super Bowl, but hey, I guess you have to expect what amounts to a head coaching carousel from a team “committed to excellence” and especially when said team has lost a staggering 49 of 64 games in straight up fashion since that aforementioned Super Bowl appearance!

The only good thing about losing year in and year out is that you get to pick high in the draft and eventually should hit a few home runs, unfortunately for Oakland their selections on draft day have not worked out so well thus far. New HC Kiffin hopes to infuse a new attitude on this Oakland team with 11 selections in this past April’s draft with former LSU QB JaMarcus Russell taken with the NFL’s first overall pick, the Raiders should not have a problem finding talent in this years crop of young draftees as they had five picks in the first three rounds. Kiffin and company was also very active in free agency with regard to bringing in 12 free agents including QB’s Josh McCown, and Daunte Culpeper, RB Dominic Rhodes, and WR Mike Williams.

Top draft pick QB JaMarcus Russell is still unsigned as of this writing which means that a battle for the starting job is a wide open three way race between Josh McCown, Andrew Walter, and Daunte Culpeper, the battle will be a fierce one because whomever finishes in third place will in all likelihood be sent packing. Oakland’s offense finished up last season ranked dead last in the NFL, mainly because of their terrible offensive line play.

Meanwhile, the Raider defense actually finished 3rd overall in the league, thus the reason why 7 of 11 draft picks and 11 of 12 free agent signings were offensive players. Although the Raiders have much better overall talent on this years roster versus what they have had over the past few years, look for another sub par year from Oakland because of the simple fact that it takes time to gel and build chemistry. Projected record: 5-11

** Look to play ON Oakland when the Brownies visit on Sept 23rd, Cleve will have played their first two games of the season at home against huge rivals Pittsburgh and Cincinnati and they have a home game against Baltimore on deck following this left coast trip, which means that Cleve is in a divisional “sandwich” game when they visit the Raiders. This contest is also a revenger for Oakland who lost at home to Cleveland last year by the final of 21-24 as 2.5 point home doggies, the Raiders had a top 10 defense last year and they should be able to exact some revenge against a Cleveland team that is fresh off two hard hitting divisional games.

Jim Campbell runs [] which has been an internet based sports handicapping service since 1997, you will be hard pressed to find another handicapper that has had the kind of success Jim has had, over the past eight years he has maintained one of the very best winning percentages of any sports handicapping service.

The Origin Of Cowboy Boots And How To Shop For Them Today

Cowboy boots were, as the name implies, originally created for cowboys. They got their start during the Civil War drawing from the design of the cavalry boots that were worn by soldiers. Later the cattlemen in the big ranching states like Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma went to boot makers and requested alterations to their boots in order to better accommodate the conditions they worked in. The two most popular creators of cowboy boots during the 1870s and 80s were Justin of Justin Boots in Spanish, Fort Texas (also known as “Big Daddy Joe”) and Mr. Charles Hyer of Hyer Brothers Boots in Olathe, Kansas.

Cowboy boots have a distinctive style and shape. They are constructed with a high shaft, a high heel, a rounded or pointed toe and no lacing or zippers at all. The first cowboy boots were constructed of plain leather but over the course of time the have evolved into more of a fashion statement with decorative stitching, punched designs and even cutouts in the high tops (Texas stars were once the hottest trend). Today many people enjoy the feel as and look of wearing cowboy boots and they can be purchased in almost any color or design you can imagine. Most cowboy boots are still made from leather but some are fashioned from more exotic animals such as alligators, snakes, and even eel.

When looking for a great fitting pair of cowboy boots it is important to understand that cowboy boots do not fit the way other shoes do. Be sure to do your cowboy boot shopping (and any kind of shoe shopping) after lunch since feet expand throughout the day. It is also important to have your feet measured by the shoe salesperson. Cowboy boots purchased in the morning will end up being too tight by the end of the day. If you purchase them after a long day of work, the opposite is true; they will be much too loose in the morning. Everyone has one foot that is slightly larger than the other, so it is strongly advised that you have both of your feet measured for cowboy boots to ensure a proper fit.

For optimum comfort you should choose the toe shape that is most compatible with your foot shape. Rounded or slightly boxy toes provide the most room and comfort and should be chosen by anyone with foot trouble. A pointier toe may be more fashionable in some cases, but do not choose this style if it causes you foot pain.

If you have a high instep you may have problems finding a pair of cowboy boots that fit comfortably and do not bind. One option for women with this problem is to purchase a pair of cowboy boots in either the boy’s or men’s department. The same advice applies for those with wide feet. Usually, women’s shoes and boots are made with a B width and men’s with a D width.

The next thing to take into consideration is the heel height. Cowboy boots come in a wide range of heel heights from almost flat to several inches tall. If you have flat feet or back pain you will do best with a low heel, too flat or too tall will increase your pain. A lower heel is also a consideration for a more casual look and a higher heel is dressier.

Once you have considered all the information above it is time to try the boot on. Begin by rolling up your pant leg to just below the knee and then grab the tabs at the top of the boot with one hand on each tab and then pull the boot on. The boot should slide on easily and the shaft should not rub against the leg when you walk (this could cause blistering). You should be able to wiggle your toes slightly and the heel should not slide up and down when you walk, but also should not be too restraining.

There you have it. You now have all the information you need to make an educated cowboy boot purchase. You should easily be able to find a boot to fit your fashion sense and your foot in comfort and style.

2013 NFL Week 13 Review – The All Time Greatest Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers and Running Backs


The 10-1 Seattle Seahawks came to play when they faced the 9-2 New Orleans Saints at home in Week 13. The entire first quarter was dominated by the Seahawks scoring a 22 yard field goal half way through the quarter. Less than 1 minute later they scored again on a fumble recovery from 22 yards out. With 1:55 left in the first quarter, Russell Wilson connected with Zach Miller for a 2 yard touchdown and the Seahawks led the Saints 17-0. The Saints were able to drive the ball in the second quarter and Drew Brees connected with Jimmy Graham from 2 yards out giving the Saints a touchdown and what would be their only score of the game. The Seahawks dominated the ball for the rest of the game scoring a field goal and 2 more touchdowns handing the New Orleans Saints their third loss of the season and taking the Seattle Seahawks to 11-1 and the best record in the NFL with the Playoffs looking like they will be going through Seattle this year.

The New England Patriots faced off with the Houston Texans in a game thought to be dominated by the Patriots. In the first quarter, Ben Tate scored from 8 yards out and the Texans were up 7-0. Randy Bullock added to their lead by kicking a 43 yard field goal with 4:10 remaining in the first quarter. Tom Brady marched the ball down the field and connected with his favorite target, Rob Gronkowski for a 23 yard touchdown and the quarter ended with the Texans leading 10-7. After going back and forth in the second quarter, Ben Tate ran the ball in from 20 yards giving the Texans a 17-7 lead at half time. Early in the third quarter, James Develin ran in a touchdown from 1 yard out and the score was 17-14. A few minutes later, Tom Brady was connected with Shane Vereen from 9 yards out and the Patriots got their first lead of the game. The Texans countered with a touchdown of their own with a 5 yard run by Quarterback Case Keenum from 5 yards and the third quarter ended with the Texans on top again 24-21. Shortly into the fourth quarter, LeGarrette Blount scored a touchdown from 7 yards out and the Patriots were on top again 28-24. Two minutes later, the Texans scored a touchdown of their own when Ben Tate ran in his 3rd of the day from 10 yards putting the Texans up 31-28. In pure Patriots fashion, Tom Brady moved the team into field goal position and they were able to tie the game with a 53 yard field goal from Stephen Gostkowski with 7:16 remaining in the game. The Texans were unable to capitalize on their next drive and punted and the Patriots were able to connect on another 53 yard field goal from Gostkowski putting the Patriots in the lead 34-31 and giving them their 9th win of the season.

The Denver Broncos faced the Kansas City Chiefs for the second time in 3 weeks, this time in Kansas City. The Chiefs scored first on a 17 yard pass from Alex Smith to Junior Hemingway. In the second quarter, Peyton Manning connected with Eric Decker for 41 yards tying up the game at 7. On the ensuing kick off, Knile Davis ran back the Bronco kick off 108 yards for a touchdown which was the longest ever in Chiefs history. A few minutes later, the Chiefs scored again with a 12 yard reception by Anthony Fasano giving the Chiefs a 21-7 lead. Knowshon Moreno scored a 3 yard touchdown with a pass from Manning with 4:16 left in the first half. The Broncos took the kickoff in the second half and marched down the field and capped off the drive with a 37 yard pass to Eric Decker tying up the game at 21. Decker scored another touchdown in the third quarter from 15 yards out and the Broncos led the Chiefs 28-21 at the end of three quarters. The Broncos scored again early in the fourth quarter with another pass from Peyton Manning to Eric Decker giving Decker his 4th touchdown of the game and the Broncos a 35-21 lead. Eric Decker had a huge day catching 8 passes for 174 yards and 4 touchdowns averaging 21.8 yards per reception. The Chiefs were able to put another score on the board with a 1 yard run from Jamaal Charles but ended up losing at home 35-28 and giving the Broncos a distinct advantage in the Playoff picture at 10-2 and winning both division games against the Chiefs.


Detroit Lions handily defeated the Green Bay Packers 40-10
Dallas Cowboys beat the Oakland Raiders 31-24
Baltimore Ravens defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 22-20
Denver Broncos beat the Kansas City Chiefs 35-28
Jacksonville Jaguars win over the Cleveland Browns 32-28
Indianapolis Colts defeated the Tennessee Titans 22-14
Minnesota Vikings beat the Chicago Bears 23-20 in Overtime
Miami Dolphins beat the New York Jets 23-3
Philadelphia Eagles narrowly defeated the Arizona Cardinals 24-21
Carolina Panthers won easily over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27-6
New England Patriots defeated the Houston Texans 34-31
Atlanta Falcons beat the Buffalo Bills 34-31
San Francisco 49ers won over the St. Louis Rams 23-13
Cincinnati Bengals beat the San Diego Chargers 17-10
New York Giants defeated the Washington Redskins 24-17
Seattle Seahawks took the New Orleans Saints to town beating them 34-7


Peyton Manning completed 63% of his passes for 403 yards and 5 touchdowns with 2 interceptions. Manning’s performance in Week 13 takes him through the 4,000 yard mark for the season which is the 13th time in his career he has accomplished that mark. Drew Brees is the next closest with 7 seasons above 4,000 yards on his way to his 8th.
Josh Gordon caught 10 passes for 261 yards and 2 touchdowns.
DeMarco Murray carried the ball 17 times for 63 yards and 3 touchdowns in Week 13 and caught 5 passes for 39 yards.
Matt Stafford threw for 330 yards and 3 touchdowns with 2 interceptions.
Monte Ball ran the ball 13 times for 117 yards averaging 9.0 yards per carry.
Andre Holmes caught 7 passes for 136 yards averaging 19.4 yards per reception.
Maurice Jones-Drew threw 1 touchdown pass from 8 yards out and ran for 77 yards.
Nick Foles continues to play well completing 62% of his passes for 237 yards and 3 touchdowns and keeps his streak alive with zero interceptions this season.
Eric Decker caught 8 passes for 174 yards and 4 touchdowns averaging 21.8 yards per reception.
Jamaal Charles ran the ball 19 times for 93 yards and 1 touchdown.
Brandon Weeden completed 60 percent of his passes for 370 yards and 3 touchdowns with 2 interceptions.
Carson Palmer threw for 302 yards, 3 touchdowns and 2 interceptions against the Philadelphia Eagles.
Brian Hartline caught 9 passes for 127 yards and 1 touchdown.
Josh McCown threw for 355 yards and 2 touchdowns.
Adrian Peterson carried the ball 35 times for 211 yards.
Alshon Jeffery caught 12 passes for 249 yards and 2 touchdowns averaging 20.8 yards per reception.
Reggie Bush carried the ball 20 times for 117 yards and 1 touchdown along with catching 5 passes for 65 yards averaging 13 yards per reception.
Ryan Tannehill eclipsed the 300 yard mark again throwing for 331 yards, 2 touchdowns with 1 interception.
Cam Newton had a good day and ran the ball 5 times for 68 yards with 1 touchdown in addition to throwing for 263 yards, 2 passing touchdowns and 2 interceptions.
Brandon Tate ran the ball 22 times for 102 yards and 3 touchdowns averaging 4.6 yards per carry.
Roddy White caught 10 passes for 143 yards.


Ben Roethlisberger moved up 2 slots into the #26 position passing Hall of Fame Quarterback Y.A. Tittle and Hall of Fame Quarterback Steve Young and is currently behind Phil Simms with 33,219 Career Passing Yards. Roethlisberger also threw 3 touchdowns in Week 13 and joined Philip Rivers and Hall of Fame Quarterback Terry Bradshaw at #25 with 212 Career Passing Touchdowns.
Philip Rivers moved past Steve McNair to the #36 slot behind John Brodie with 31,524 Career Passing Yards. Rivers joined Terry Bradshaw at #25 with 212 Career Passing Touchdowns.
Drew Brees threw 1 touchdown and is tied with Tom Brady at #4 behind Hall of Fame Quarterback Dan Marino with 353 Career Passing Touchdowns.
Tom Brady joined Drew Brees at #4 behind Dan Marino with 353 Career Passing Touchdowns.
Carson Palmer passed Randall Cunningham and joined Kurt Warner and Kerry Collins at the #27 slot with 208 Career Passing Touchdowns.
Tony Romo threw 1 Touchdown in Week 13 and joined Roman Gabriel and Matt Hasselbeck at #30 with 201 Career Passing Touchdowns.


Steven Jackson moved up 2 slots to #23 passing Eddie George and Tiki Barber and is behind Thomas Jones with 10,474 Career Rushing Yards. Jackson’s 2 Touchdowns in Week 13 ties him with Frank Gore at #30 passing Jamal Lewis and Mike Alstott with 59 Career Rushing Touchdowns.
Adrian Peterson eclipsed the 10,000 Career Rushing Yards mark and moved up 1 slot to #28 passing Clinton Portis and is behind Ricky Williams with 10,057 yards.
Willis McGahee moved up 1 slot to #25 passing Hall of Fame Running Back Larry Csonka and joined Hall of Fame Running Back Thurman Thomas and Stephen Davis at 65 Career Rushing Touchdowns.


Greg Jennings passed Chris Burford, Anthony Carter and Ed McCaffrey to join Wes Chandler, Tony Martin and Haven Moses at #38 with 56 Career Receiving Touchdowns.


Jared Allen moved past Simeon Rice to the #11 slot behind Hall of Famer Derrick Thomas with 123.0 Career Sacks.
Julius Peppers 2.5 Sacks in Week 13 moved him up 1 slot to #15 passing DeMarcus Ware and putting him behind Clyde Simmons with 118.0 Career Sacks.
Robert Mathis moved up 1 slot to #21 passing Trace Armstrong and sitting behind Pat Swilling at 107.0 Career Sacks.

Fashion Modeling – Prospects After Completing Education

Fashion modeling sounds glamorous and ostentatious profession to many people especially to young girls and boys. The exclusive life style, page 3 parties, designer clothes, international ramp shows and money lure every youngsters but this is just the half truth. The fashion modeling career requires lot of hard work, dedication and self sacrifice to be successful. Fashion has become universal now, there is a huge demand of male and female models in the market. All famous fashion models are being paid very well for any modeling assignment and ramp walk. Their remuneration depends upon the fashion designer and organizer they are working with. Where as aspiring models begin their career with smaller modeling agencies and low budget modeling assignments.

Today fashion modeling has become a huge profession and there is abundance of employment. There is no such educational requirement or age limit to become a model. You may be a school pass-out or graduate, all you need is a good face, height and a glass hour figure. To get into fashion world is a Herculean task due to excessive competition in this profession. All top models are earning very handsome this naturally makes competition very fierce. The international recognition, limelight, celebrity status also make it more difficult to get a break.

However, fashion industry has made phenomenal growth in India in the last fifteen years. Fashion industry is now targeting people of all age group to sell fashion. Earlier, youngsters were the prime concern for the fashion designers, they used to design attires keeping younger generation’s likes and dislikes in mind, but this trend has completely changed now. Today, you can find designers are designing special clothes for middle-aged and older people as well. There has been a tremendous revolution in fashion world which has led to a huge demand of models.

Networking is an important part to be successful in modeling. A strong networking helps you to become familiar with fashion gurus and designers. If you are well acquainted with fashion designers, photographers, make artists then they may recommend your name to others fashion players for any modeling assignment and outdoor ramp shows. Thus, it is suggested to maintain a harmonious relation ship with everyone you meet with.

To begin your career as a fashion model you can start working as a catalog-model, show room model, television model etc. You must make an impressive portfolio of yours and distribute in different modeling agencies. If any top modeling agencies hires you it would be easy for you to enter into the big world of fashion.

It should be remembered your entire career depends on your face so make yourself recognized in the fashion world by attending parties, nightclubs etc. These are the few places where you would find cream of fashion under one roof. Fashion modeling is a lucrative career, it gives you multiple opportunities to travel around your country and globe. Fashion modeling has various categories- Ramp modeling, Television modeling and print modeling, Showroom modeling, Advertisement modeling.

Fashion modeling is a multi-million dollar industry, Bombay is the hub for fashion modeling. Everyday hundreds of youngsters walk-in to try their luck in fashion modeling but very few make it to the top. Fashion modeling gives you international recognition, you may get chance to work with the best international designers in world- famous fashion cities Paris, Milan, New-York, Tokyo etc.

Despite of such tempting opportunities in modeling it is a very short-lived career. You profession is not ever-lasting and you need to tackle excessive stress, work pressure and many unforeseen challenges.

Choosing Fashion Accessories

Would you like to improve and update your appearance, at the least in terms of your fashion accessories and style? If you are, you may not just want to look at the latest in fashion trends, as far as clothing, but you may additionally like to examine the latest trends in fashion accessories Fashion related accessories are quickly increasing in popularity, though many people still have no real idea exactly what they are.

In relation to fashion accessories, you will find that a wide variety of differing products are included. Fashion accessories, such as fashion clothes and such items, come in a number of differing sizes, shapes, and styles. You can find fashion accessories that are created for young kids, teenagers, men, women, small sized, and plus sized people. A few of the many fashion items that you might find at one of your local fashion shops or on-line stores are described here.

The most popular fashion addon items is jewellry. As was previously discussed, fashion accessories are designed for all varieties individuals, regardless of age or gender. For teens and children, fashion jewelry items that are fashionable often include colorful pieces, including charm necklaces or charm bracelets. In terms of men, a very popular type of jewellery often includes large pendant necklaces, many of which display a cross or another popular or significant symbol. As for ladies, trendy items of fashion jewelry consist of earnings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, pins, and so on.

Another type of fashion accessory that you may have an interest in buying is a purse or even a handbag. Teens and women most commonly own purses and handbags. A purse is often used to describe a bag which is smaller or compact in size and handbags tend to be a little bigger. Handbags and purses come in a number of differing styles; therefore, it’s common for many ladies and teens to possess more than one purse or handbag. Actually, many individuals out there prefer to match their fashion accessories, including their purses and handbags, with the clothes that they wear.

In conjunction with handbags and purses, travel bags can be considered a fashion accessory. Travel bags are much like purses and handbags, except you will find that they’re often created for both females and for males. A travel bag might include a smaller bag that can be used as a carryon bag for an airplane ride, a diaper bag, as well as a laptop carrying case and so on.

Shoes and boots are also considered a fashion accessory, although many do not necessarily think them to be. Most often, females’s shoes and boots are considered as fashion accessories, as opposed to men’s shoes and boots. Certainly one of the reasons for that is due to the large choice of females’s shoe styles that you’ll find available for sale. For instance, it’s more than possible to find athletic shoes, casual sandals, elegant sandals, flat dress shoes, high-heeled shoes, and so forth. As with handbags and purses, many women own multiple pairs of shoes and many endeavor to coordinate their footwear, particularly for work, with the rest of their ensemble.

Another one of the many differing types of fashion accessories available for purchase are belts. For a lot of men and boys, belts aren’t necessarily considered a fashion accessory, as much as they’re a way to hold pants up; though, the same does not actually ring true for females. women’s belts come in a number of differing sizes, shapes, and styles. That is definitely one of the reasons why females’s belts and belts which may be designed for kids and for teens are often considered as fashion accessories. One can find belts out there that are created for wearing with an informal pair of jeans, as well as a pair of conventional kaki pants for work.

Belts, handbags, purses, travel bags, jewelry, and shoes and boots are just a few of the countless fashion accessories that you may be able to find for sale at one of our local fashion shops or even online. As a reminder, fashion accessories are a great way to spice up any wardrobe, especially one that can use an updating.

Lifestyle And Fashion During The Sydney Fashion Week

Sydney Fashion Lifestyle is being pushed by the Sydney Fashion Week designers through their endless creative designs and remarkable fashion tips that almost all Australians love to idolize. Little black dresses have become one of their feature designs. These designs are something, maybe because it shows elegant and classiness, that people still dwell in it. Old style and old creations cannot, also, be disregarded. Those ancient styles have become the inspiration of the fashion trends these days.

The Sydney Fashion Week seems to focus in architecturally and geometrically contoured designs. The clothes, dresses, and other fashion related accessories like stilettos etcetera were shown dramatically and way stylish compared to any other Fashion Week. Sydney Fashion Week has also caught everyone’s attention due to the spunk that they have put in the styles of their fashion. In addition, the hairstyles that they have used in their fashion were inspired by the punk and tall rock and roll hairs of the ’80s.

Now with all the glamour and style, the big intriguing question is, does the creativity and the originality of fashion moving forward or backward? I do believe that a fashion week should be the time to celebrate an all new brilliant creation and showcase new ideas that can be used as one of the fashion tips in the next few years. However, as what I have observed, what happens is that they are proclaiming something that is already there. With the world putting their eyes on Lady Gaga and her experimental metallic wardrobe, fashion designers began making clothes and accessories that are accentuated with such design and presented it as one of the latest trends of the year. If this event keeps on happening, there is a greater chance that fashion will start to find its integrity falling behind. I say keep the fashion creations original and creative!

The reinvention of the classic little black dresses is fantastic. Classic designs have actually established it but this kind of situation just implies that the creativity of designers is losing its touch and it is a little bit saddening that although we have to thank the past fashion designs for today’s clothes, designers should still explore on new creations and the fashion lifestyle should try its best to make everyone see that they have the power to change this cycle from happening.

I am pretty sure everyone is still looking for and waiting for someone who would design something extraordinary and will not conform to the traditional designs and would become a front – liner in setting a new fad for fashion. Don’t get me wrong – I love fashion. But it seems to me that fashion nowadays lack some sort of excitement with their designs.

So what I am looking forward to the next Sydney Fashion Week is that designers would actually make something that will not only make a statement in the fashion industry but also something that will set a new fashion lifestyle for everybody. It should be something that could make people express themselves because the clothes we are wearing defines who we are.

Lifestyle and fashion are always changing as time changes and passes us by. We see old fashion being revived and we also see new ones. Check out the latest in lifestyle and fashion and see to it that you’re in the right track in terms of the current trends. Catch the latest fashion and never go wrong in mixing the current trends with the stuff that makes you feel and look great.

Toyota – Taking a Step Back to Move Forward

With all the news about the American auto industry, recession and how car-makers can rebound, it’s hard sometimes to remember that the auto industry has a life outside our borders. Not only do the car companies need to rebound here in America but elsewhere in the world as well. As both the American economy and the world economy climbs slowly upward, the auto industry is being forced to reconfigure the way they do business.

Toyota is no exception to this rule, and under the leadership of a new president, their business plan seems to be changing. Akio Toyoda took the helm in June and is taking the company in a new direction. It was no secret that under previous presidents, Toyota expected to achieve 15 percent global market share and they chased it with vigor.

Toyoda seems to have a different idea when it comes to numbers. He is hoping to return Toyota to the old-fashioned “Toyota Way” of catering to customers. With Toyota fiercely chasing numbers, their products have lost touch with consumer needs. Toyoda’s plan aims to change that. Instead of focusing on the numbers, they will create products based on what consumers want and developing products around that.

Over the next few years, we should expect Toyota to be developing at a bit slower rate than normal but developing higher quality products that are more in touch with their new eco-conscious consumers. Today’s drivers really want it all in new car purchase – high MPG, budget-friendly payments and reliability. There most likely will be an increase in production of highly efficient, environmentally friendly vehicles that follow in the footsteps of Toyota’s legendary Prius.

Toyoda spoke in Traverse City at the Management Briefing Seminars and said “the United States will serve as an engine for growth for automakers for years to come due to its population growth and the country’s love for cars.” ( While the outlook may look bright, there is still a lot of work to do.

Developers have plenty to work with however, when it comes to consumer needs and what those might be. There are newly emerging markets that Toyota hopes to pounce on and this new way of thinking might help them do just that. Focusing on China, South America and the Middle East could not only help them achieve the numbers they hope but develop products that will create a new loyal customer base. If they can achieve this, they could well be on their way to recovery.

Toyota posted their biggest loss in seventy years this past fiscal year and is not expected to pull out of the red before March 2010. With the appointment of Toyoda and his new business plan, the company should undergo a huge morale boost. Toyoda is the grandfather of Toyota’s founder and is widely expected to be the one to bring the company back to the top of the auto industry. While there is a tough uphill climb ahead of Toyota, it could prove to be an exciting time to rework and reintroduce a legendary brand of cars to the world.